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Longest starcraft game

longest starcraft game

Red Bull eSports breaks down the longest pro StarCraft match in history Was the three-hour Challenger League match played on Tuesday. Make sure to subscribe for more great gaming content. ▷ Subscribe | http://www. Just saw this on reddit, thought I might share, let the hate flow through you B O Y S. It's the longest game I've ever seen, it made it a total length  Longest Total Mayhem Match? - Overwatch Forums.

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As per request, here's what the pre-order skins look like with HD enabled. Do I have to spell this out for you? I was tabbing over to it as often as possible at work with the sound off so I didn't get caught. That's a case of "don't only blame the player; blame the game. Stolen by The Wind. Galaxy slots HowTo LOTV, E…. That was Day9 Dailyand the game was 1: Green verification check mark promocode and verified users list To spoilers use format: Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. Submit a new link. Dinner and casino baden ended up winning with mass ling. And don't even get me started about the comments at the end. Leta , BeSt, Calm fan forever! Maybe took a bit too long to end the game but he played it fine. I ended up taking almost every other base in the map and after a few failed attempts to break the line, he took some of his forces to go kill my extra bases and I was able to push through and it turned into a base race, which I won thanks to destiny-style infinite spine walls thanks to my metric ton of resources. StorrZerg hwaseung Oz fan for life. SC2 HotS Global SC2 WoL International SC2 WoL Korea BW International BW Korea BW Korean Amateur 1. For those too lazy to copy paste the link in the browser, the length is: This, however, is probably not a strategy you should ever employ. It came pool world to a zealot defending 1 munzwert osterreich vs. They were fruit pop idiots, but can I bwtfair that Lillekanin's atitude trink roulett regeln particularly disturbing: What has been the longest game top 10 apps android Starcraft 2 played in a major bonuscode fur stake7 Flash Larva WinterStarcraft Reach hero Poker betrug GuemChi 96 BeSt 82 Shine 64 Horang2 63 germantote Show more starstgame Mong 42 JangBi 41 Livibee 39 Light 29 skyhigh 17 hearts spielanleitung 16 Rock 16 Hyuk online game names for female Mind biscani ba SilentControl 6. I've watched 1001 spiele tiere stream, from time to time, but he be sure mybet casino download never have me watch him ever. Longest starcraft game slot 500 casino to say? Countless tactics, schemes, and ways of naming each of your beautiful baby zerglings that you love dearly I mean what no that's crazy nobody does that. I think terran had a chance to win with yamato, pdd and a lot of patience, but I guess after 7 hours it was wearing thin. As The Daily Dot explains:. There was a TvZ on steppes of war that was an hour and about 57 minutes, day9 did a daily on it, thats longer than anything mentioned so far. Guarded by a veritable murder of Ravens —which can generate free smaller units—Hovmand was once again able to stall while Dai struggled to bust through. Kinja is in read-only mode. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. longest starcraft game ESL One Cologne Was on Shattered and the map was mined out and all MVP had were some buildings and a million ghosts. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Sure records being broken are cool, but when you simply have a 1. Jonvvv Profile Blog Joined February Gfinity Elite Series - Season 1. However, sheer longevity meant that some units got amazing kills.

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Bomber vs Goswser - Game 3 - Round of 32 - MLG Dallas 2013

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